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re: heroic modes

i do not knwo if this is right or not but this is what i found on heroic modes on ToC

Credit: Tankspot forums

On Gormok the Impaller:
- Impale hits MUCH harder (150% weapon damage instead of 100% weapon). Also the dot is ticking for 80% more damage than normal 25 and lasts 5 seconds longer. You can only let the debuff stack to 2 before a switch so you'll need 3 tanks. It also means you get 2 tanks sitting there with a massive DoT while a 3rd takes direct damage and a DoT. Even only stacking 2 debuffs in heroic mode, it will do more damage than a 3-stack in normal mode.
- Snobolds increase his damage by 15% each time they go out, and he has 5 to throw. The direct hit from Impale will be hitting for 35k at the end (after mitigation), and the dots will be ticking for huge amounts of damage. You'll want to start using abilities to remove the DoT after the 2nd round of tanks, and also have tanks using cooldowns while they are on the boss towards the end.

On Acidmaw and Dreadscale:
- The stationary Jormungar is going to own the raid if people aren't spread out. The acid will do about 5k every 2 seconds. If 1-2 people have it, it's healable. But if 5 people are grouped up and get it, healers are going to struggle keeping them up along with the tanks. The burn debuff is really an issue though, because multiple people in the raid with it are going to blow each other up. Burning Bile is 9k damage every 2 seconds to anyone within 10 yards. That is instant death for the raid if even a few people get this.
- Enrage: You could kill them kind of far apart in normal 25, but in heroic if one enrages I don't think you'll be able to heal through it. They need to go down together.

On Icehowl:
- Everyone HAS to spread out for his arctic breath. Normal 25 it did 20k damage over 5 seconds.. not enough to kill a raid member. In heroic it does 30k damage over 5 seconds. If more than a few people get hit with this, a few of them will die. Healers especially need to be spread apart, since multiple healers getting stunned for that spell will kill the raid.

On Jaraxxas:
-New spell The Touch of Jaraxxus inflicts 3900 to 4100 Shadow damage for 12 sec and causes nearby players to be effected by Curse of the Nether. An Aoe dot, spread out, may be able to be decursed.
-New spell Mistress' Kiss Next spell with a cast time interrupts that school for 8 sec and causes 8288 to 8712 Shadow damage.
-Incinerate Flesh increased to 85k healing instead of 60k.
-Buring Inferno (the raid wide AoE caused by healers not keeping up with Incinerate Flesh) now ticks for 8k per second for 5 seconds, so its a wipe if the healers are not quick enough.
-Mistress of Pain's Pain Spike now does 100% of a targets health over time.
-The fire from Legion flame now ticks for 12k.

On Twins:
-New spell Touch of Ligh/Dark The Val'kyr's Light touch has affected you, inflicting 4388 to 4612 Light damage to players under the effect of Dark Essence every 1 sec. The Touch of Light will not harm targets with the same attributes as it.
-New spell Surge of Light/Dark Pulsing a Surge of Light Inflicting 1500 damage every 2 sec to Dark enemies.
-Shield health increased from 700k to 1.2 million.

On Anub'arak
-Leeching swarm ticks for 20% of health as opposed to 10% per second.
-New add Nerubian Ice Darter.

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re: heroic modes

Gormok the Impaler

* Impale does 150% weapon damage instead of 100%.
* DoT ticks for 80% more damage and lasts 5 seconds longer. Tanks must switch at 2 stacks.
* Yes, you will need 3 tanks to handle the DoT rotation. All 3 will need heals.
* Each Snobold that is out there increases his damage by 15%.
* The direct damage from Impale will hit for ~35000.
* Stomp on melee from 9k to 12k

Acidmaw and Dreadscale

* Imperative for players to spread out.
* Acid hits for 5000 every 2 seconds.
* Burning bile is 9000 damage every 2 seconds to players within 10 yards.
* It is expected that if one enrages, it will be a wipe. Therefore, both snakes may have to be taken down together. Not sure of this, but keep it in mind.
* Whatever happened to that third snake?


* Arctic breath does 30000 damage over 5 seconds. I suggest assigning healers to the left or right of Icehowl to help reduce increase survivability.
* Random whirlwind on melee from 10k to 14k

Lord Jaraxxus

* Touch of Jaraxxus inflicts ~4000 damage over 12 seconds which causes players to be affected by Curse of the Nether (AoE dot). Possible decurse?
* Mistress’ Kiss: Next spell with a cast time gets that school interrupted for 8 seconds and causes 8000+ damage.
* Incinerate Flesh needs 85000 healing instead of 60000 to remove it.
* Burning Inferno (Incinerate Flesh after it’s not removed) ticks for 8000 damage a second for 5 seconds (Yeah, that’s a wipe)
* Pain Spike from the Mistress does 100% of a target’s health over time
* Legion Flame now ticks for 12000
* Fel Lightning from 10k to 12k

Faction Champions

* Spells and abilities are more potent.
* Shaman LHW from 20k to 60k
* Paladin Holy Light from 50k to 80k
* Warlock Corruptionf rom 18k to 24k
* Expect the trend to continue with the other class abilities.

Val’kyr Twins

* Touch of Light (or Dark): Inflicts 4000 damage to players of the opposite essence every second. For example, Touch of Light will do ~4000+ damage to players under the effect of dark Essence every second. Light touched players will not take any damage.
* Surge of Light (or Dark): Inflicts 1500 damage every 2 seconds to enemies of the opposite essence. For example, Surge of Light deals 1500 damage every 2 seconds to Dark essence
* Shield health increased from 700k to 1.2 million (Ouch)
* Power of the Twins: +20% damage and hit, 10% attack speed if Twins are too close.
* Unleashed Light/Dark orb hits increased from 9000 to 15000.


* Leeching swarm ticks for 20% health instead of 10%
* Extra add: Nerubian Ice Darter (No other details)

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re: heroic modes

A few things I noticed from last night:

I think this is what we was missing on Gormak. Overall looks like a good guide to go by for 10-man.


* Gormak
o The fight is all about correct dps split and realizing the damage trend switches from spikey raid damage to spikey tank damage.
o We keep 3 dps (usually melee so there's less raid dmg at the start from the stomp) on Snobolds.
o If a snobold lands on a melee they go dps the boss and a range picks up on the snobold so we always have 2 dps on boss, 3 on snobold.
o I wanted to add that it's very bad to bubble the Snobold or let the person with it on them die. This means it goes back to the boss, and will eventually jump back to your raid. Since every time a Snobold jumps off his back his damage is increased by 45%, this will most likely be a wipe.
* Jormungers
o We range tank stationary Jormunger. It helps since sweep is basically a threat drop.
o When Dreadscale is mobile and Acidmaw is alive we tank swap Dreadscale. The tank not currently tanking is responsible for bringing burning bile to the poison. This allows 100% dps time and 100% healing time. It's also less frantic.
o You definitely do NOT have to kill them together. If healers can heal through gornakk they can heal through the enrage.
* Icehowl
o Rediculous. I watched our mage not even recover from stun before he was hit by charge.
o We ended up making sure everyone was positioned near the door he comes in. It seems like you have more time to move when everyone is along the door. Just don't get hung up on the door corners.
o Lock portal is cheating...


* Nothing new. We never saw the curse. Ridiculously easy when you compare it to beasts...

Faction Champs

* 1 shot. Kiting becomes more important, but no less difficult. Immune to taunt is annoying as we had our prot pally stuck as prot which provided no benefit since he has no slow.
* We find it extremely beneficial to leave 1 healer up and get the melee targets down asap. We run with an enhance shammy, though, which makes focused, ranged interrupts super easy.

Twin Valkyrs

* Surge is raid wide damage. Bring shadow and fire damage mitigation, and be ready for steady raid damage.
* The orbs hurt. Good ways to mitigate these would really help.
* The damage the shields mitigate is ridiculous. It may be necessary to have all dps switch attunement and help.
* The touch spell requires you to switch your attunement. It's randomly targetted, and it either is a very short debuff or it falls off as soon as you switch.
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